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Wednesday Night Fall Semester Equip Night

Upcoming Dates

Begins on September 6

Crossroads Classrooms

About the Event

Facilitators: Pastor Rich and Pastor Johnny
In Supernatural, we will consider some fundamental questions: Do other gods
exist? If they do, does that make much difference in how we understand the Bible?
What does it mean for our faith if we presume the unseen world described in the
Bible is actually real—not just the familiar and accepted parts, but the unusual
and often-ignored parts? Jesus is Lord of all – and once we start catching the drift
of the supernatural plotline of Scripture, we just might begin thinking differently
about all sorts of things.

Facilitator: Pastor Jesse
Let’s go back in time and sift through layers of history in search for evidence of Israel’s first kings.
Experience archaeologists and experts as they discuss the period of the kings and explore the places where the events of 1-2 Samuel would have occurred.

Facilitators: Lisa Lancaster and April Bridges
This Fall semester we will explore nine women in the Bible whose lives teach us about ourselves and about who God is. Our She Shed group of women will open ourselves to the raw and revealing stories of frailties, struggles, brokenness, and victories of real women from both the Old and New Testaments.
Their stories are not fairytales, their road was not easy, and their examples are not perfect. They lived in times and places quite different than ours. Yet they hold up a mirror to our souls that can help us better understand our own story. And in doing so, we will find freedom to come to God as we are, with total transparency—honest and real.

Facilitators: Todd Hill and Manuel Hernandez
This Fall Semester we will explore nine men in the Bible who lived challenging and eventful lives. Our Man Cave group of guys will embark on a spiritual journey while attempting to bring these Biblical stories to life. 
Their stories are those of doubt, sacrifice, trust and faith. Even though these men walked the earth thousands of years ago, we encounter the same challenges, difficulties as they did. 
As we study and dissect these men’s lives, we will open our hearts and minds and share our life lessons as it relates to these Bible stories. 

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